Blackboxx is the platform
to sell wine online.

“Blackboxx is a masterpiece of
simplicity and ease of use.”
Nick Whiteway
“Our wine club has become a huge part of our business and we appreciate BlackSquare working with us to make it even better.”
Jason Ocenas
“Blackboxx provides our members with a unique social community. They can share tasting notes online, and discuss and rate wines they’ve received.”
John Clerides

There are four different ways to sell wine online

Ad Hoc, Targeted & Custom packs, Recurring and Gifting

Most website consultants would like to have you believe wine ecommerce isn't special. It is. Don't use an ecommerce system designed to sell shoes to sell your wine online. We have written the book on the different types of wine ecommerce.

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Beautiful designs built to sell wine

Don’t have internal resources or a design agency? No problem, we can develop a custom branded website for you end to end. We work with award winning design agencies and can handle all design elements for your site. If we design your site, we guarantee that if the standard in ecommerce technology changes in the future, we will change your design to fit those best practices at no cost to you, as long as you remain on the Blackboxx platform. There is no way you could start up a future-proof direct to consumer business line with a branded website faster or at a lower cost.

Great user experiences

Wine is a specialty product. It has its own language - terroir, vintage, varietals. If you use a technology that was designed for generic ecommerce or try to build ecommerce software from scratch you will have to deal with these intricacies in detail. That increases consulting costs and frustration. Blackboxx was designed for wine ecommerce and has a proven and demonstrable user experience. Trust the experts who have pioneered the global discussion on direct to consumer wine ecommerce best practices.

Powerful controls & metrics

Any ecommerce system is only as good as the data behind it. You can be confident in your data by using Blackboxx. BlackSquare has concentrated on the administrative interface to such an extent that it drives the overall software development. The name Blackboxx isn't a mistake; it is meant to illustrate that your ecommerce or wine club administrator doesn't need to know about all of the complex internal calculations that go on in the system. Your administrator can trust that your ecommerce data is "in a black box" and can focus on the actionable elements required to sell and distribute wine online.

Easy fulfillment

Fulfillment is the hardest part of running any sort of direct to consumer business. Where other ecommerce solutions ignore fufillment (because it's hard), Blackboxx automates as much of the process as possible.

Blackboxx features direct integration with major couriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, Loomis Express, Australia Post and Canada Post. Custom courier integrations are also possible. Deep integration with third party couriers allows for the creation of shipping manifests and package stickers. Export data and press print! It is that easy.

Plays well with others, leverage our API

Blackboxx comes with social networking functionality integrated directly into the product. Don’t just add a Facebook or Twitter logo on your site and consider yourself integrated with social media. Gather user feedback and preferences by engaging consumers to come back to your site and share their wine tasting experiences with you. Replicate the wine tasting experience online.

Blackboxx has the ability to integrate with any ERP, CMS, or POS on the market today. These integrations can be complex and time consuming, but the BlackSquare team makes it easy by walking you through the process. What are you trying to accomplish? Real-time data syncing or allocated inventory control? Highly advanced marketing demands? iPad app to integrate with your tasting room POS? BlackSquare will work with you and your demands to ensure the Blackboxx system can accomodate your needs.

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